We are pleased to have Prof Rob Beynon from the University of Liverpool as our BSPR Lecturer. Rob’s main areas of research are in protein chemistry, proteomics, proteolysis and proteolytic enzymes, with emphasis on proteome quantification and understanding protein dynamics on a global, proteome-wide scale and of developing relevant methods in intact animals and complex systems. Rob is co-Director of the Centre for Proteome Research, sits on the Council of the Biochemical Society and Chairs their Education Committee and in 2015 he was elected as a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales. In Liverpool, he is also academic lead of the Technology Directorate, a high level body that has the aim of making the best of a broad range of analytical instrumentation in a sustainable model.

In his role as BSPR Lecturer, Rob will be presenting a series of lectures over the coming year focused on the application of proteomics in biological sciences – his two offered lectures are entitled ‘Balancing the books: the accountancy of proteostasis’, a talk that addresses fundamental issues in quantitative proteomics, and “The proteomics of sex” in which he shows how it is possible to apply proteomics to new and challenging problems in biological sciences, notably around sexual conflict, mate selection, speciation and evolution. The first lecture is intended for proteomics-savvy audiences, the latter for biologists who have less experience with the application of advanced proteomics.


To invite Rob to give a lecture please contact secretary@bspr.org