Membership Application

Membership of the BSPR has many advantages (please see Membership Benefits), including reduced registration fees at the very successful annual scientific meetings. The subscription year is from January through to December and no pro rata rates are offered, but you may become a member at any time. The rates are as follows: £15 annual subscription for full membership when paying by standing order; £20 annual subscription for full membership when paying by cheque; FREE student membership on provision of evidence of student status and continuing up until the end of the year in which you complete your studies. Student membership gives you access to reduced registration fees and the many bursaries on offer to help with attendance at Proteomics conferences. Student members do not have voting rights at the AGMs unless they choose to become full members and pay the subscription fee. Please fill out the membership application form and standing order authority, as appropriate, and direct all membership-related enquiries to the BSPR membership secretary via email [email protected] (Guidance notes on applying for membership).