BSPR Lectureship 2010

The BSPR is pleased to announce a call for its newly established BSPR lectureship for experienced scientists in proteome research.

The lecturer will educate in and promote proteome research and the activities of the BSPR to the wider scientific community to develop a greater understanding of proteomics and greater interest in the subject amongst researchers, students and the general public.

This objective will be achieved by the presentation of a series of high-impact, research-based lectures, describing the lecturer’s particular field of expertise and interest. As the BSPR lectureship is seen as an excellent opportunity to increase the profile of the BSPR and proteomics, the lecturer must be committed to promoting both.

Chosen from the UK-based scientists who employ or advance proteomic technologies, the recipient of the lectureship must be currently active in the field and have a good reputation for the communication of science.

Lecturer Profile

  • UK-based scientist who employs or advances proteomic technologies and is currently active in the field.
  • The lecturer must have a good reputation for communicating science, and be committed to promoting and raising the profile of both proteome research and the BSPR.

Lecturer Role

  • The lecturer will be sponsored to give up to 6 lectures per year. The final number will be dependent on demand and will be decided by mutual agreement.
  • Hosts will be able to choose from a selection of 2 lectures describing the lecturer’s area of research.
  • The lecturer, by agreement with the BSPR, will be sponsored when giving lectures at appropriate international conferences. The lecturer will recognize the support of BSPR and the goals of the lectureship as part of the presentation.


The BSPR will meet the following expenses directly incurred by carrying out the activities required by the lectureship:

  • Hotel accommodation (one night per lecture; bed and breakfast). Guide room rate of <£100.
  • Transport (standard class train fare, economy class air fare, car mileage).
  • Lunch (£15 max) and evening meal (£30 max).
  • If the lecturer is representing BSPR at a conference, lecture expenses will include Registration Fee for the meeting.
  • Expenses over and above these will need to be met by the lecturer.


The lectureship will be advertised on the BSPR website and by using other appropriate channels.

  • Institutions and not-for-profit organisations, preferably within the UK, can apply for the lecturer to visit. This could be as part of a prominent programme such as a departmental seminar series.
  • Final selection of venues will be made by mutual agreement between the lecturer and the BSPR committee.

Application procedure

  • Applicants are asked to provide a two page CV, a list of publications and a two-page description of the proposed two lectures (incl. titles).
  • Submit the application to: Rainer Cramer ([email protected])
  • Deadline: 31. June 2010
  • The successful candidate will be chosen by a panel of expert proteomic researchers nominated by the BSPR committee.
  • The award will be announced at the annual BSPR meeting in July 2010.