BSPR 2022 Bursaries and Fellowships

MJ Dunn Fellowships

##John Mulvey (University of Oxford)


##Jasmine White (University of Manchester)

I am honoured to have received a Student Travel Bursary which allowed me to attend the BSPR Annual Scientific Meeting in the beautiful Oxford and present my poster during the lunch time sessions. Being a master’s student and not having been to a scientific conference before, I was nervous and unsure what to expect! I had a great time meeting people with the same interest for proteomics in cancer research and especially enjoyed discussing my research with such a knowledgeable audience. I received very helpful feedback and was able to take this back to improve my project, with suggestions probing different experiments I had not thought of myself. Importantly for me, I also gained a lot of confidence in talking about my research.

The talks were diverse and interesting, covering a variety of ways in which proteomics can be used in science today. I found the talks under ‘toward P5 medicine’ the most interesting with all the speakers (Manuel Mayr, Rosie Maher, and Melissa Grant) emphasising how important proteomics can be in the identification of disease progression and therefore specialization of treatment plans. For example, Melissa Grant used proteomics to identify new biomarkers that can aid the diagnosis of periodontitis, allowing doctors to distinguish disease severity and decide which treatments are most appropriate. I also really enjoyed the talks in which new methods were described, especially Melanie Bailey who has used ion beam imaging to analyse proteomes of live cells using nanocapillary sampling whilst maintaining geometric position. It’s astonishing to see what techniques are being developed and how they are being used today. Watching such confident and interesting speakers really solidified my interested in the field and even spurred me on to apply for PhD’s in proteomics.

Thank you to the British Society for Proteomic Research for organising such a great event and allowing the progression for early career scientists such as myself. And thank you to the speakers and other poster presenters for taking the time to share their research with us.

##Megan Ford (University of Liverpool)

I am a second year PhD student looking at drug hypersensitivity and specifically drug-protein adducts. I recently attended BSPR 2022 for three days in Oxford. The conference was titled ‘Next generation proteomics’. Here I presented a poster on my proteomics work and gave a 1-minute flask talk to encourage the audience to engage with me at my poster. I enjoyed the opportunity to present even for a short period of time. Over the three days I connected with many people including different PIs, students, Industry collaborators and the BSPR committee. I hope that these connections will make lasting collaborations in research in the future. It was also great to listen to all of the talks including those from students from different groups and fields of proteomics. I was very grateful to have been able to attend this conference thanks to the BSPR student bursary. This allowed me to attend, paying for my travel and accommodation. It was fun to be able to connect with so many different researchers (I even got a question right at the quiz!). I briefly visited the botanical gardens for my second love besides proteomics- plants. I look forward to attending next year in collaboration with EuPA in Newcastle, where I hope to give a short talk and improve my networking skills further.

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#Lucy Bedwell (Imperial College London)

#Katie Dunphy (University of Manchester)

#Charlotte Hutchings (Cambridge University)

#Myrto Mavrotas (Imperial College London)

#Alejandro Brenes (Dundee University)

#Ruth Walker (Newcastle University)

#Sophie Lellman (University of Readin)

#Athansia Yiapanas (University of Edinburgh)