BSPR-EBI 2010 presentations

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Proteomics: from Qualitative to Quantitative

Report on the BSPR 2010 meeting at Hinxton

Adam Byron Quantitative proteomic analysis of integrin adhesion complex dynamics

Akhilesh Pandey Quantitative proteomics for elucidating protein-protein interactions and pathways

Alex Jones Moving from identification to quantification of phosphorylation events in plant-pathogen interactions

Amos Bairoch neXtProt: a new human-centric protein knowledge resource

Daniel Rios Interactive and computational access to proteomics data in the PRIDE database

Dario Di Silvestre User-friendly bioinformatics tools for handling proteomics data in biomarker discovery and cluster analysis

David O’Connor Biological insights from large-scale protein copy number measurements

Dolores Cahill Protein Interaction studies on Protein Arrays

Emoke Bendixen Farm animal proteomics-from a Systems Biology perspective

Gavin Wright Large-scale detection of low affinity extracellular protein interactions

Hanno Steen new strategies for the identification of co-regulated proteins

Henning Hermjakob A common query interface for interaction databases

Ingrid Miller ANIMAL PROTEOMICS: IPG-DALT and more…

Javier Barallobre-Barreiro Proteomic analysis of cardiac extracellular matrix in a porcine model of ischemia-reperfusion injury

Juan Antonio Vizcaino Proteomics data repositories: PRIDE

Julio Saez-Rodriguez Comparative logical models of signaling networks in normal and transformed hepatocytes derived from phosphoproteomic data

Kathryn Lilley Quantitative Proteomics

Kelly McMahon A comparison of proteins and their expression levels within different regions of multi-cellular spheroids (MCTS)

Marie-Claude Djidja MALDI-Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Hypoxia and Metastasis-associated proteins Combined with quantitative MS

Martin Wells Quantitative Proteomics: A short introduction

Matthias Selbach Genome wide analysis of protein and mRNA half lives reveals dynamic properties of mammalian gene expression

Phillip Wright Can we live with iTRAQ?

Richard Kay Development of an LC-MS/MS method to quantify plasma concentrations of the wild type and Marburg I variants of Factor VII-activating protease

Rob Beynon Quantitative proteomics:what’s the point?

Sarah Martin Quantitative Proteomics and Flux Analysis using 15N labelling: Studies of the Unicellular Alga Ostreococcus tauri

Waltraud Schulze 15N metabolic labeling as a tool to study nutrient induced signaling processes in plants