HUPO 2017

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BSPR was proud to host the 2017 Human Proteome Organisation World Congress in Dublin in September 2017, held at the Dublin Convention Centre. Steve Pennington was chairman of the local organising committee.

The HUPO2017 Congress was focussed on the theme of “Integrated Proteomics for Healthcare Systems”. Our vision was to create a vibrant scientific meeting that would bring together the existing world leaders in the field of proteomics with those in allied disciplines to foster and support the development of a new generation of multi-disciplinary forward looking scientists. The conference highlighted new capabilities in advancing our knowledge of the Human Proteome to significantly enhance our understanding of health, disease and ageing to create unprecedented impact. The Congress celebrated past achievements, presented new disruptive advances in proteomics and showcased opportunities in multi-disciplinary research.

The programme included sessions covering each of the twelve current HUPO Initiatives and the Biology/Disease driven Human Proteome Project (HPP). In recognition of the increasing role of proteomics and complementary ‘omics technologies in personalised medicine there was special focus on the application of proteomics to disease diagnosis, therapeutic protein characterisation and drug development as well as the analysis of integrated proteomic data. The presence of world-leading major international pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and information technology companies provided opportunity for cross-discipline information exchange and personal networking.

We were delighted to have Joe Biden, Ex-Vice President of the USA, welcome delegates and inform on progress of the Cancer Moonshot at the Gala Dinner (see Videos below). It was also pleasure to hear from Prof Leroy Hood on the implementation of omics technologies in P4 medicine in the Opening Plenary. Other exciting speakers included: Ruedi Aebersold; Ben Cravatt; Albert Heck; Joshua LaBaer, Matthias Mann; Lennart Martens; Rob Moritz; Mike Snyder and Matthias Uhlen.

The scientific programme was complemented by an interesting and ‘only in Ireland’ offering of social events and opportunities that that included the Opening Reception and the Congress Gala Evening at the iconic Guinness Storehouse.