Pre-meeting BSPR Workshop

New Frontiers in Proteomic Technology Organisers: Chris Sutton, John Timms EBI, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK, 11 July 2011 Progress in proteomics is largely driven by technology and recently there have been a number of major innovations that are radically improving our ability to detect, characterise and quantify components of the proteome. This workshop draws together researchers and technology developers working at the cutting edge to review current advances in equipment and instrumentation as well as in software and reagents. The workshop, which complements the main meeting, will comprise an “A Beginners Guide to Quantitative Proteomics: technologies and data analysis methods” by Dr Kathryn Lilley (Cambridge), for those new to the field, followed by a series of lectures, by scientists from proteomics companies or their guest speakers, which will provide insights into the novel and innovative that are emerging solutions from industry. The workshop fee is now free. Registration page.

BSPR 2011 Workshop Programme.pdf