General information

We are pleased to announce that, following yet another very successful year at Hinxton, the 8th annual scientific meeting of the British Society for Proteome Research will again be organized in collaboration with the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and held in the popular Wellcome Trust Conference Centre from 12-14 July 2011. The meeting will be preceded by a workshop ‘New Frontiers in Proteomic Technology’ and will be immediately followed by the joint EBI-Wellcome Trust course on Proteomics Bioinformatics.

Meeting Focus

Defining and quantifying all the proteins in a cell/tissue or organism is one of the current grand challenges in proteomics. The resulting ‘proteome maps’ would have critical applications in many arenas and would support a completely new view of the protein world. Recent developments in technology have allowed increasingly rapid progress towards this goal of whole ‘proteome maps’ but much more remains to be done if we are to characterise those proteins that are, so far, recalcitrant to analysis - the ‘hidden proteome’.

The meeting will bring together international researchers working in disciplines integral to uncovering the ‘hidden proteome’ to review progress, consider biological insights gained from such studies, and to prioritize future challenges. The program of the meeting places emphasis on clinical applications including the identification of disease biomarkers and opportunities in current large scale studies such as the Human Proteome Project.

Sessions and Topics:

  • Session 1: The Dynamic Proteome
  • Session 2: Quantitative proteomics: To label or not to label
  • Session 3: The Deep Proteome: Discovery and Quantification
  • Session 4: Tackling the Serum/Plasma Proteome
  • Session 5: Plant, Fungal and Microbial Proteomics
  • Session 6: Advances in Bioinformatics
  • Session 7: Exploring the Post-Translational Space
  • Session 8: Novel Methodologies and Techniques
  • Session 9: Clinical Proteomics
  • Panel discussion: the Human Proteome Project and future priorities
  • Early Stage Career Investigator Award
  • Oral Communications
  • Posters

Keynote and Plenary Lecturers

  • Tim Hunt
  • Fuchu He

Invited Speakers

  • Jürgen Cox
  • Kris Gevaert
  • Claus Jorgensen
  • Peter Jungblut
  • Martin Larsen
  • Karl Mechtler
  • Gil Omenn
  • Paola Picotti
  • Eric Schirmer
  • Kai Stühler
  • Marius Ueffing
  • Christian von Mering
  • Anthony Whetton

Pre-Conference Workshop

New Frontiers in Proteomic Technology James Watson Pavilion, Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK 11 July 2011

Post-Conference Workshop

Joint EBI-Wellcome Trust Course on Proteomics Bioinformatics 
EBI, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK 15-19 July 2011


The BSPR is pleased to announce the availability of several opportunities to support the attendance of young researchers at the 2011 BSPR/EBI meeting. Read more

Trade Exhibition

A high quality Trade Exhibition involving many of the leading companies will be held during the meeting.